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Hello! I am still working on sourcing everything and I won't be posting any new 100x100 icons until I get there, but I have some 200x200 Plurk icons today and they are completely sourced. It's not much, but I sort of got on a roll trying to make one for myself, so I made a few and... yeah! For that reason, a vast majority of them are of Dirk since that's what I was going for. Sorry. Anyway, here we are.
[15] plurk icons
→ [15] homestuck

&; please do what you can to credit the artist on your profile! i can't make you do this, but it's courteous to do so. i've made sure to provide all of the artists of each original picture for your convenience. sources are linked above each icon!! (and if the link leads nowhere, the source probably deleted/moved.)
&; wanna watch my icon journal? go ahead!

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